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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Cable Modem

  1. What is a cable Modem?

    A cable modem is a small box that connects your computer to the Internet via Kraus Online. A cable modem hasthree(3) connections, one that leads to the cable lines outside your home one that is an Ethernet connection that connects to your computer and the third is a power cable.
  3. How does a cable modem work?

    Answer) Cable modems modulate and demodulate RF signals. The cable modem receives data in what is known as the downstream signal. This signal is modulated on television channels that are six MHz wide at frequencies between 88 to 750 MHz. Using QAM 64 technology, downstream speeds can reach up to 27 MBs on the six MHz channel through which the data is transferred. This signal usually runs adjacent to other television signals.

    Cable modems transmit upstream signals at frequencies between five and 42 MHz. This frequency range carries more noise than the downstream signal, such as noise from the home, loose connectors on the cable line, etc. All of this noise makes the upstream signal more difficult to successfully transmit. Although QPSK modulation technology makes the upstream signal more robust at this noise level, it sends data at slower speeds than the QAM 64 technology.

  4. What are the advantages of using a cable modem to access the internet?

    Answer) A cable modem will provide you with rapid download transmission speeds. Downloading a file that would take one-half hour using a telephone modem connection will take only a few minutes with a cable modem connection. A cable modem provides a continual connection to the Internet. Kraus online is a two way systemwhich will not require the use of a telephone line.

    Your service will not be interrupted or receive external static since the outer layer of the cable line will not allow any noise to enter the transmission line.

    As a high-speed medium, you will be able to view many different multimedia presentations---live or streamed---such as concerts, movies, etc.

  5. How does a cable modem connect to a compuer?

    Answer) There are three main components that connect a cable modem to a computer: a coaxial cable, a Category 5 twisted pair line, and a 10Base-T Ethernet network interface card (also called a NIC card). The coaxial cable line from the outside of the building connects to the cable modem. The Category 5 twisted pair line connects the computer to the cable modem. The network interface card inside the computer enables the cable modem to "talk" to the computer.

  6. Can I watch television and browse the internet at the same time?

    Answer) Yes, you can. Since television and the cable modem operate on separate frequencies of the available cable bandwidth, you will be able to watch television and browse the Internet at the same time.

  7. How fast will a cable modem download and upload data?

    Answer) Cable modem speeds vary depending on network architecture, your system configuration, and the number of users accessing the network at the same time. Network speeds can reach up to 27 Mbps, but speeds will also depend on the service level to which you subscribe.

    The asymmetric cable modem scheme is the most common type of cable network setup, and will allow for a faster data transmission rate (higher bandwidth) on the downstream data path than the upstream data path. This network setup works well since most cable modem users download more information than they send. For example, downloading web pages and multimedia files and participating in newsgroups requires much more bandwidth than sending web page requests or e-mail.

  8. Is a telephone line still required when using a cable modem to access the internet?

    Answer) You will not need a telephone line when using a two-way cable modem. The cable line carries both upstream and downstream signals. .

  9. How does a cable modem compare to dial-up modem?

    Answer) Cable modems can connect to the Internet and download information much faster than a dial-up modem. For example, it will take a cable modem user milliseconds to connect to the Internet while it will take a dialup modem user about a minute. Cable modems can also download information at speeds up to 12000Kbps(12M) while a dialup modem will only download information at 53 Kbps or less.

  10. How does a cable modem compare to xDSL?

    Answer) Cable modems use a RF signal to carry data through your television cable wire. Since cable modem users share a single network connection to the Internet, speeds will fluctuate depending on the number of customers online at the same time.

    xDSL uses the same copper wire as your copper wire telephone line to carry data, but the data is carried on a higher frequency than voice. In order for the xDSL signal to work, the copper wire must be less than 18,000 feet away from the Telephone Company's central office.

    Kraus Online speeds double that of xDSL speeds in our area.


General Service

  1. If I become a subscriber, will I still need an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

    Your service includes an Internet Service Provider as part of the cable modem service package. Your service package also includes an e-mail account(s), World Wide Web access and web space.

  2. Will my browse time be monitored or restricted?

    Answer) No, Kraus Online does not limit your bandwidth consuption as does ATT at 250G your browse time will not be monitored or restricted.

  3. What type of compuer hardware and software do I need to use this service?

    If you have a PC, you will need a minimum of a Windows 95 operating system, 125 megabytes of hard disk space, and 16 megabytes of RAM (although we recommend at least 32 megabytes of RAM). A processor of 133mhz or higher is also recommended.

    If you have a Macintosh, you will need a minimum of a System 8.0, 50 megabytes of hard disk space, and 32 megabytes of RAM (although we recommend at least 64 megabytes of RAM). However, if you are using a one-way Com21 cable modem, you will need System 8.5 to 9.0 and IPNetRouter software.

  4. How many e-mail accounts can I have with my cable modem service?

    Answer) You can receive up to 10 email accounts depending on what package you are subscribed to.  Contact our office for more details.                                                                                                    
  5. Sounds great! What do I need to subscribe to this service?

    Answer) Contact our office for subscriber information.

Security and Speed

  1. Which is faster -- a PCI network interface card or an ISA network interface card?

    Answer) Both the PCI network interface card and the ISA network interface card provide users with the same Ethernet line speed--10 megabits per second. However, a PCI card will communicate with the PC's local bus at at faster speeds, thereby providing faster through-pt to the user.

  2. What can I do to increase security and prevent hackers from accessing information on my computer?

    Answer) The possibility of your computer being hacked is slim to none. Although illegal entry into computer systems happens every day, it generally occurs in large corporations. Hackers commonly sweep a range of IP addresses looking for possible holes to exploit. These holes are generally provided by oversights in software development, such as telnet servers, mail servers, ftp servers, chat servers, etc. Most of our customers have no need to run these types of services, and are therefore not vulnerable to such exploits.

    However, for your added security, we recommend you disable File & Print Sharing on your TCP/IP connection. If sharing on your home network is necessary, we recommend File & Print sharing be enabled on another protocol that is not accessible via the Internet, such as NetBEUI. If File & Print Sharing from the Internet is needed, we recommend you password protect your shared resources.

    Other hardware and/or software solutions exist to protect your computer and home network from possible Internet attack. It is at your discretion to use such devices, but they are not supported by our Customer Care Center.

  3. Will my IP address change when I start using a cable modem to access the internet?

    Answer) Your IP address will change, but it depends on how the network is setup.

Home Networking

  1. What is a home network?

    A home network connects two or more computers together with network interface cards and network line, and enables the computers to have file and print sharing capabilities.

  2. Do you support home networking?

    Yes, but there is a $95/hour for inhome networking support.  

      Online Gaming                                                                                                               

  1. How does a cable modem connections compare to dial-up connection when playing online games?

    The cable modem connection is more effective than a dial-up connection when playing online games because a cable modem is able to move larger amounts of information through the network at higher speeds.


  1. Can I fax through a cable modem?

    Answer) Yes.  with the proper software.

  2. Can I host a server with this service?

    Unfortunately, hosting servers is not allowed with our residential cable modem service. This includes, but is not limited to, web servers, ftp servers, and mail servers. If you want to run a server, contact your local cable provider for information about obtaining a commercial subscription.

  3. Does internet filtering (i.e. NetNanny) work when using a cable modem?

    Filtering software that is running locally on your own system will filter out undesired content. For additional information about this type of product, contact the vendor.

  4. I am currently a subscriber to AOL. Will I have to drop this service or will I be able to connect to AOL?

    You do not have to drop your AOL service. You will be able to connect to AOL through your cable modem connection. This will provide you speeds to AOL that you have never imagined. You will want to adjust your AOL account to reflect that you are now connecting through your new connection. This will lower your monthly rate from AOL to $9.95. Contact AOL for further details.

Mac Questions

    1. What type of Macintosh hardware and software do I need to use this service?

      Answer) You will need a minimum of a System 8.0 to 8.5, 50 megabytes of hard disk space, and 32 megabytes of RAM (although we recommend 64 megabytes of RAM).


      Kraus Online cable modem service utilizes Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to assign the IP address to your Macintosh computer. DHCP in versions of MacOS prior to System 8.0 do not work properly with our cable modem service.



    1. What browsers can I use?

      All versions of Netscape, Internet Explorer,Firefox and Chrome work well with our cable modem service.

    2. What e-mail programs can I use?

      Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Eudora are the most common e-mail programs on Macintosh and work well with our cable modem service. Other mail programs that support POP3 e-mail will work, but are not officially supported.

    3. I use Mac OS 9. Can I perform file sharing TCP/IP?

      Yes, however for security purposes, we recommend that you disable the guest access feature when you are not using it.

    4. What can I do to increase my security and prevent hackers from accessing information on my Macintosh?

      Although the chances of a hacker accessing information on a PC are slim, the chances of a hacker accessing information on a Macintosh are even more unlikely. Besides the fact that we have safeguards in place on our headend equipment to prevent this type of activity, most hackers try to access information on PCs simply because there are more of them. However, to increase security, you can disable the file sharing over TCP/IP feature when you are not using it and install security hardware and/or software to make your system more secure.

    5. I have two (or more) Macintosh computers. Can they all use the same cable modem?

      Although it is possible to network Macintosh computers and connect a single cable modem to your existing LAN, we do not support this type of configuration.